The Hartman Original Story

The Hartman Original brand represents our family’s history of woodworking enthusiasm.  Our philosophy is to build for beauty without sacrificing strength of structure or functional purpose.  We do not acknowledge deadlines, only the enjoyment of building to the highest-quality regardless of time and effort needed.  Every piece built has its own story and in those stories are where we get our motivation and inspiration to start our next project.  In those stories are what make our creations truly original.

Hartman Original started in a small and humble basement workshop in Cincinnati Ohio.  As a boy, Jim Hartman learned fundamental home repair techniques from his father Elmer.  From that humble beginning to now, Jim spent decades perfecting his skills and built one of Northern California’s most impressive wood-shops.  Tucked away in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jim designed and built a custom 1,000 square-foot facility that he had always envisioned – Visually stunning upon entering, organized for the highest levels of efficiency while working.

Partnered with his son, Steven, the two spend their weekends working together to create whatever project currently imagined.  Joined by his wife Nancy, daughter Allison, and son-in-law Alex … every family member has contributed their unique and valuable skills to making Hartman Original a family brand.  It is a source of pride that represents our collective effort.